Saturday, April 3

Waterloo? (Photoshop)

thx mfanik for the Wellington idea.


  1. BG.

    You are the greatest.

    Photoshop Queen.

    This is getting to be a habit.


  2. mint tastes crappy on beef wellington bu demint is crappy on everything......

    the rest of the world probably is just in shock on how fast this place is declining as a society

  3. Sweet it must to be able to say, "Go for it" and not sound like GWB, but a reasonable man. It was a big fucking deal even if none of us got exactly what we wanted.

  4. The graphic is funny, but the wealthcare legislation is going to hurt Democrats big time this year. It's going to be even worse in 2014 when the fines for not being able to afford astronomical premiums (even with the subsidies) kick in.

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