Wednesday, April 14

Sarah Palin, Cheerleader! (and You)

So Nicole Belle emails last night a funny line from Glee, where Sue says:

You may be the stupidest cheerleaders ever and that's saying something, I once coached a young Sarah Palin.

So I walked over to my easel and made this. We'll be running it in an upcoming open thread.

While working on this a Steve Martin routine went through my head.

I seen people going to college for fourteen years,
Studying to be doctors and lawyers,
And I seen people getting up at seven-thirty in the morning
Going to work in the drugstore
And sell Flair Pens
But the most amazing thing to me is...

Except in my version, it's "I DON'T get paid for doing this."

Except when you toss a few coins into the proverbial hat and contribute five bucks. It's fundraising week. If you enjoy what I do, all I ask is five bucks, no more. Times are too tough to ask for more, and I consider each and every reader such a miracle (thank you for coming here) that I wouldn't anyway.

If you value what I do enough to come here, please consider paying the artist and writer of this blog a little something to show it. And THANK YOU.


  1. A very good friend loves loves loves "Glee." I'm guessing that the show's audience got it and did not turn off the tv in anger. Then again, I think it is on Fox. Oh well.
    By the way, threw a little green in the tip jar. Hope you have to empty it a few times.

  2. Representative Grayson on Palin:

    Grayson responding to a speech Palin gave in his district..."I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them. Scientists are studying Sarah Palin's travel between Alaska and Florida carefully. They hope to learn more about the flight patterns of that elusive migratory species, the wild Alaskan dingbat."


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