Tuesday, April 13

Could someone please break it to Joe and Sean that Ronald Reagan is DEAD?

weekend at Ronnies

h/t Heather for the idea, pointing out that on Morning Joe they started calling Chris Christie "another Ronald Reagan. They need to just prop up the corpse and be done with it."


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  2. Weekend at Bernie's is one of my favorite movies of all time so I'm both amused and traumatized right now.

  3. Oh Mommie! Where's my jelly beans?

    Geeeeez I thought Ronnie was dead for all of his second term...

  4. The bizarre part is that by current rightwing wackaloon standards even St. Ronnie comes close to being one of those gosh darned socialists. I keep hearing various gasbags claiming Reagan would never have done or said something that he did, in fact, say or do. For the right, selective memory is a wonderful thing.


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