Wednesday, April 21

Gay? Controversy? You're kidding.

People who are different from us:

1. The publicists for American Idol and/or Ryan Seacrest, who seem to think "floating" "rumors" that Seacrest is gay extends his shelf life or something.

2. People who are freaked out that their Tivo didn't catch the end of Glee.

3. People who spend valuable minutes on this earth being "mad at Ryan Seacrest."

PS who the fuck is Crystal Bowersox? Please, DON'T TELL ME.


  1. so...would the Tea Partiers that AC interviews be totally freaked if they knew he was gay? Most folks don't seem to know this fact, outside of NYC.

  2. Seacrest made me miss the end of Glee on my DVR?!?!? Grrrrr.

  3. I mostly skip American Idol, but occasionally read Lisa de Moraes' summaries at the WaPo, because they're hilarious.

    Also, isn't "Bowersox" (especially Crystal) still illegal in Alabama and at least seven other states?

  4. StonyPillow12:39 PM

    The end of glee was Tuesday, January 20, 1981.

  5. I guess they didn't get the that Archie has put a gay character into their comics, homosexuality can no longer be considered even the slightest bit controversial.


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