Saturday, April 17

Justin Bieber gets his revenge

Because I couldn't avoid that trending Twitter topic any longer. Apparently he's a blonde haircut with autotune, but then my generation had Shaun Cassidy, so yeah, I'll shut up now. gotta ask yourself, would they love Justin as much if he traded hair with Don King?

ps. 7yo thinks he's quote, "just amazing and he's totally hot and stuff? I wish I could meet him."


  1. I don't get the attraction. Maybe it's because I'm not a female tween, but the way his hair is plastered all around his face makes me think he's just been the victim of a swirlie. Is the attraction somehow based on pity for the poor boy being abused by jocks?

    You mention Shaun Cassidy, but his hair was nothing compared to the guys I think of in this context. Think back to when we were very young, back to the two Bobbys: Sherman and Goldsboro. They had hairdos like a Republican politician, only much, much bigger. It always looked like the mass they'd combed over to the side was about to come loose and completely obliterate their faces in an enormous hair-valanche.

  2. The hair transplant clearly shows that they're really Billy Idol and Dionne Warwick.

    And qwerty, your "Henry" blows them both away!

  3. I was having a weird Flock of Seagulls flashback with this.


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