Sunday, April 4

Interview with yours truly regarding
Blog Against Theocracy here.

Also, I think I've got everyone as of this writing linked over at the BAT website. If your post is missing, fill out this webform and I'll make sure your blogpost gets linked.

Thanks for another great blogswarm!

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  1. Thank you so much for pulling this together and allowing us to join in, sharp elbows and all. Still working my way through the participants, but already I've encountered some wonderful writing and interesting viewpoints that I wouldn't have otherwise seen. Oh and the hits, yes, very nice, a thrill for someone still trying to figure out how this whole bloggy thingy works.

    You give great interview, nice concise quotes and the reporter did a good job, straight ahead with no agenda, rare these days especially in the Ex. Guess this makes you the national spokesperson for the antitheocracy movement, at least the blogger branch, so congrats on that, sincerely. Now in short order should come the fancy atheist think-tank title, interviews on Oprah and The View, a regular Sunday morning talk show gig....


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