Sunday, July 27

Fear of a black planet hot president.

Qwerty puts his spin on Angela Merkel's hot flash over Obama and points out that thinking of the next President as "hot" is, well, kinda icky.

Oh you think that's icky? Hey, it's Sunday afternoon and he's back from a long trip. What are the odds he and Michelle are moisting the kitchen carpet right this minute?


But it beats the current sitch, you gotta admit:


  1. Wait a minute... Are you suggesting the Obamas' kitchen floor is carpeted, or is that one of those sexual double entendres I never get?

  2. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I suppose it will be a welcome change. Laura and the chimp strike me as the most sexless people in politics. That said, I'd rather not have another hound dog in office, thank you. One thing I like about Michelle Obama is that she looks like she would rip Barack's heart out and show it to him if he fucked around.

  3. Pissed in NYC is quite right.

    I read an interview with Robert Gates, Obama's Communications Director, and he is quoted as saying, "Barack knows that if he fucks around, Michelle will kill him.

    No, really. She'll kill him."

  4. Maybe a presidential couple that actually has sex will bode well for the teaching of birth control and the like. Laura Bush is a good explanation for why her feral counterpart finds abstinence an easy task.

  5. wow now we're getting serious. Whatever disappointments I may have with Obama, I have a sense that he shares none of Bill Clinton's sexual psychosis. And I also sense an incredible protectiveness of women, not just with his daughters. His "you're likeable enough, Hillary" comment during the debates was, imho, a gut reaction from a man who wanted to put his arm around her and say poor baby I've got to beat you to get where I want to be. I'm not sure I see his attitude as sexist, but I can understand why some do.

    Qwerty, I just put a lovely rug in my kitchen. Beige with green leaves on it. No sexual double entendre intended, just doing what writers do and pulling bon mots from life. xoxo

  6. Anonymous12:34 PM

    But, BG, is it moist?

  7. OK, you guys are putting way too much thought into this, which really shouldn't concern us anyway.

    What if Merkel just compared him to dubya in her mind and thought "Wow, this guy's not an asshole like that smirking bush-whackin' Texan!"

    OK, leave out the bush whackin' part, you pervnerts; but really, it'd be hard to be as big an asshole as dubya. How refreshing that must seem!

  8. Ah, the lowest common denominator approach to taking the road most traveled.

  9. Yeah Bill S! But dumpster diving can be fun.

    The rug in the basement was moist for a while, tata, until I got a dehumidifier.

  10. Now, how about a really BIG dehumidifier that will suck the bejeezus out of the wet mold now in the White House and the Repug breeding farms in red states?

    Other than that, I have little interest in carpet burns, human wet spots and sweaty 4 minutes. As if sex was rare or uncommon.

    And, it might be a tad late for fun.


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