Wednesday, July 23

Mark your calendars for Falafel Day.

I usually don't link to the gargantuan blogs but a colleague reminded me that a year ago July 30 Eschaton celebrated Falafel Day.

That reminds me, is Falafel Sex still posting? Well, kinda.

By the way, Duncan, I went to a lot of trouble with those panties. Not that you'd notice. Story of my life.

This image is also appropriate but I didn't make it and I forget who did. If you know let me know in comments.

Update:  mystery solved, Bob Cesca made the "BillO in the Falafel Sammich" picture.  Thanks, Bob!


  1. But to twerps like us, you are one of the gargantuan blogs and on July 30 we'll celebrate your gargantuanosity with falafel and since it's during the week, that means even less work. Woo!

  2. Getting those delightful little sprinkles to stick upon the poly/cotton blend fabric must have been tedious - only for the 'recipient' to place them upon his head and lead the chorus in a rousing rendition of Alma Mater.


  3. love this post.

    i can't stand bill o.

  4. I find it rather exciting when my spicy fried fava bean balls and chickpea patties are drizzled with pickled vegetables and gobs of tahini, I must say!


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