Thursday, July 24

Fox and Friends needs a little gland treatment.

Like, right above the thighs. [love and kisses to the Beautiful People coming from Crooks and Liars. Mike's a doll.]

A nice hard kick for the "anchors" and either end of this couch (and while it's four minutes of FOX, you really should watch to the end):

On topic, I've got a message for Blondie in the middle:

The problem is, KATIE COURIC IS TOO LIBERAL?!? Really, are you such a bimb that Roger Ailes has to whisper in your earpod what to say ALL the time?

And your comebacks to the blatant sexism you work with. You get no sympathy from me if all you got for those assholes is:

"I'm a woman, and I like to watch sports."


"Let's move on to the hurricane."

Where the fuck is Rachel Maddow when you need her? She'd have just the right magnifying glass necessary to castrate those bastards on air, and she wouldn't break into the huffy, hairspray wilting change-the-subject bullshit you pulled. The day a co-worker tells me I need to get "my people" to watch women's basketball? I would tell him my game is soccer:

Fuck! We'll do it live!

I was going to type a heigh ho and hardy "fuck you" to the lot of them, but since Shakespeare's Sister has way more feminist cred than I do, I think I'll just steal a page outta her book, and join her in the "picture's worth a thousand words" camp:


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I will bet that not one of these folks have ever seen a WNBA game. Except for the one the other night where there was a big fight maybe.

    And then we have the "a lot of people say that..." Well, A LOT of people say that YOUR network is full of shit, kids.

    As a human being with a brain, you people offend me.

  2. Ugh.

    Not funny. At all.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, those two pictures equate to 4 words (actually two words twice). Well said.

  4. I hear ya, BG ... but the woman works on FOX! If she talks back she's gone!


  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Great post. I hope BG writes more on this subject. These assholes need to be dragged out into the light of day, and exposed for what they are--slime. BTW, BG has plenty of "feminist cred."

  6. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Why do you libs waste your time watching Fox when it just seems to get your panties in a bunch. Just DVR Olbermann and watch it over and over again. Just stop worrying about Fox and concentrate on Olby and his puppet Madcow and you won't get so upset.


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