Tuesday, July 29

Good Reasons to stay home from the DNC.

[Love and kisses to the Beautiful People coming from Crooks and Liars.]

You know, apart from the whole "avoiding all contact with Rahm Emmanuel" thing.

The DNC has more food police than security guards. Catered plates must have five colors to ensure good nutritional value, plus be organic and local where possible.

Aw hell give them all a bowl of Skittles and get it over with.

And the Convention organizers are way more interested in the Convention's carbon footprint that it's corporate whore sponsorships? Geez.

And they don't even guarantee that gift bags for delegates and reporters will contain a DNC Barbie like eight years ago.

On topic, here are some NOT PHOTOSHOPPED pictures of the gift bag being handed out to those folks:

And yeah other commenters have already said it should have "Thanks for the FISA vote" on it and how is the Coke logo going to fit inside the Pepsi Center?

I know the political parties need someone to pay for their clutter and better Microsoft than the US taxpayer, but it makes me wonder silly questions about how all this money doesn't count under campaign spending guidelines.

I'm already boycotting the Nuclear Energy Institute for sponsoring Bush's second inaugural. (More to the actual point I'm boycotting Home Depot for the same reason. Dante's eighth circle of Hell for you people, And that goes for you too, T. Boone.)

It confirms what I've said about two political parties in America, "inside the Beltway" and the rest of us. And that Democrats are big corporate whores who benefit only from being the lesser of two evils. Makes me sad.

h/t John Harrison for the Skittles, etc.


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Anyone who characterizes these observations as cynical isn't paying attention.

    If we can't do a better job than corporate America influencing the way THEY do their job, we need a new THEM.

  2. Hey there Blue Gal,

    So I was just checking out my referrals on my Sitemeter and saw that the House of Representatives has been trolling my site today, referred to me by your site!

    They're watching us! I don't know if that makes me excited or scared. At least we know that in some way, the bastards are paying attention...

  3. Here's the stats Jen is talking about. Jen, I think some IT guy at the House is just surfing, if you ask me.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Yeah, I get hits from government sites all the time actually. Usually through Google though. I just thought it was interesting that this one went from you to me. Hopefully someone up there is reading ;-)

  5. The ironies are depressing. One wonders how much they'll be spending on the food budget, acting excessively eco-friendly, much of which will no doubt be largely funded by companies which contribute to the destruction of the environment.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    You got a Home De(s)pot? Man, all we got here is a Lowe's.

  7. geeeezzz, freaking barbies are everywhere.

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    If the food being served is local and organic I have NO PROBLEMS with that decision. Also color coded plates are an excellent idea since there are so many Dems that have either religious or lifestyle food preferences. The last thing you want is to serve a veggie dish that was made with lard.

    Hey we finally have an organic farmer in the Senate (Tester) and the Organic Working Group in congress. So it's good for the organic community to receive some props for all our hard work over the past 20 years. Yes we are considered evil corporatist by some groups.

    By the by nobody can hold a conference with out corporate sponsorship. Even when the anarchists get together they call and ask for confidential handouts so they can fight the power.

    There are a lot of things to get upset about but who pays for a meaningless convention is not one of them.


  9. Two wings of the corporate party, as they say.

    (Poor Convention Barbie! The glass ceiling is bad enough, now they encase her in plastic? Jeez.)

  10. Democracy: Brought to you by AT&T and of course Coke!

  11. Anonymous7:28 AM

    hey blue gall here from C&L and we love ya ..we knopw the dems need a party after 7 yearas of bush when we actually have a chance to take back this country.....but why not all those millions for self grandizement why not set up health clinics for those that cant afford care and help stock food banks and donate to homeless and womens shelters do some good for a a lot of people for a longer period of time than for a few people for a week?? show what the progressive movement is really all about

  12. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I'm also here courtesy of C&L. Isn't it sad that if I boycotted every company that did something stupid, I would probably just take up residence under some bridge somewhere? I guess part of what it means to live in the bad ol' U.S.A. is to wind up "sinning" somehow. **Sigh**

  13. I think it'd be funny to sneak wires/ mikes into all those bags and then let it leak that they were there.

    The collective scream at the potential invasion of privacy would be hysterical.


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