Wednesday, July 9

Lest we forget...

The post this morning was going to be about the whole James Baker/Warren Christopher war powers thing and how isn't it interesting that the grown-ups (and by grown-ups of course we mean people with Bush 41 foreign policy cred -- Daddy's people are here, you sit in the back seat, Georgie, now that you've wrecked the car for the seventh. fraking. year. in a row) are taking over the GOP foreign policy stage before it's lost for at least four years.

And by grown-ups I mean mature grown-ups. You won't see Warren Christopher pulling any baby-bottom bullshit "how dare they hate America" fake outrage if his facts are challenged. That's because Warren Christopher's facts are actual facts, rather than lies. Take note, Mr. Cheney.

There's a whole post to be written, too, about "no-drama Obama" and that the history of this election, fifty to a hundred years from now, will not be about the nation moving to younger leadership but to more mature leadership.

Maturity means, for example, that when I hear a child cry in the next room, I have the wisdom and experience to know whether that cry means I need to get up from my laptop, or not. I can tell almost instantaneously if I need to reach for the band-aids, if I need to referee, or reach into advanced motherhood skills to use wisdom and restraint to let the combatants resolve the conflict for themselves. Would that certain politicos, from the Congress to the media, had the same cognitive dexterity vis-a-vis Iran.

But searching for just the right image for this post yielded this nugget. I'd forgotten. I'll bet you had, too:

Yeah, I think that's a nice picture of Bill and Hill, too. But the Christmas Eve 1992 pardons of Bush 41 went down even my memory hole, and gee, I thought I had alla those plugged up with pages of old CPUSA newsletters.

Look what Bush 41 accomplished without even a War on Terror (tm) to back him up. Impressive, even for a former CIA chief.

Betcha Bush 43 has his Christmas list all finished by now.


  1. The thing that gets me most about their recommendation is that it is about 221 years old.

    "[The Congress shall have power to] declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;"

    Call me crazy, but last I checked using military force against a foreign country counts as a declaration of war.

  2. 'But the Christmas Eve 1992 pardons of Bush 41 went down even my memory hole...'

    You and too many other Americans, sadly.

    What was the euphemism used?...'Criminalization of policy differences'?

    Poppy, action officer on numerous White House escapades that none dared call treason (for those playing at home, selling arms to a rogue nation in order to finance an explicitly illegal war) pardoned the rats in the trap before they started to squeal, and walked out the West Wing door whistling.

    With all the ignoble rot and hyper hanky-panky exhibited by his offspring, that anyone would truly be surprised at the capacity for the Bush family and others of their class to act exclusively in their own self-interest against the people they were elected to serve beggars belief.

  3. I think Christy and her Ex are the saner folks in the limelight now.


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