Tuesday, July 22

This is not a knitting post?

Well, yes it is.

Knitting is becoming a passion again. Maybe it's because I have a room where I can blog and look to my left and see ALL my yarn. Maybe it's the bulletin boards where I have sweater ideas staring at me all the time.

I think part of it is, when I moved, I organized and packed all the projects I had semi-abandoned when child number 3 came along. Seeing and handling them again unlocked some creative doors.

What I'm knitting now is an old Classic Elite pattern called Halley's Homonym:

Yeah the lumberjack skirt/shirt layering thing she has going on doesn't do it for me, either.

The pattern is for an oversized eighties pullover and I'm re-designing it as a rather more fitted cardigan. The pattern colorway is green with purple and I'm using turquoise with black and hoping for some jet buttons for the front.

Here's a corner of my own knitting, showing where I am so far:

There's a reason geek gurls like me love knitting. It's binary. You either knit, or you purl, which is negative knitting or the knit stitch inside out. There's ways to twist stitches or create holes but it's mostly just a series of ones and zeroes. And this particular pattern has, at its center, rows that are 10101010101010 all the way across. It's a thing of beauty and very relaxing to work.

I know I'm behind the humor curve on this, but I won't be crocheting that soft linen banana cozy, even though the pattern is free. The pattern only comes in one size and the banana on the top of my fridge doesn't.

Someone once asked me what she called the "chicken & egg" question.

Are you smart and progressive because you knit? Or, do you knit because you're smart and progressive?

To which I replied:

Ah, chicken and egg. I think most knitting bloggers are smart and progressive. I think if you have those three and THEN start a blog about any of it, you've got a golden egg and the goose that laid it.


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Oh gosh, I see it. 0x4AAA. The symmetry is digital. You just might get me to take my wife up on a knitting lesson or two.

  2. banana cozy eh? ;) i was wondering to myself- 'self, why would one want a banana cozy?' and then in dawned on me......;) bananas get cold too :)

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Never could get the hand of knitting. Pulled the yarn a bit tight. Color me green with envy. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

  4. Love the pattern, look great as a fitted cardigan


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