Thursday, July 10

On Creativity.

[shown: Jackson Pollack, Eyes in the Heat, 1946] Go read Vagabond Scholar. It's a rare thing when I find myself dropping every thought in my head, putting my elbow on the desk, and just reading a long post for the sheer pleasure of it.

This is such a post.

Thanks, Batocchio.

I was searching my archives and in March 2005 I posted once. The entire month. Good lord.


  1. You're far too kind, BG, but you're reminding me of a few things. One, I need to post most pieces on the arts, great passages, and so on (which is what I'd be doing much more of if our current government wasn't so horrible). Two, I sure don't post every day, but I think I do write in some fashion or do something else creative virtually every day. (And I do admire the folks who do post every day - especially those with kids!) Lastly, there are a few pieces simmering I feel compelled to get out, but I do want to get back to my fiction writing. The pull is strong, but sometimes it comes from different directions. ;-)

  2. Did you ever play the board game Masterpiece when you were a kid? Santa Claus brought it to our house one Christmas, and we had great fun with it. It was my first introduction to Jackson Pollack.


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