Wednesday, July 30

Home Decorating

Three children: priceless.
Knitting for three children: priceless.
Using baby sweaters I knit myself, but they've outgrown, as "wall art": priceless.

The fact that they've outgrown their baby sweaters
and can all go potty and dress themselves: priceless.



  1. they are just beautiful!

    granddaughter, potty trained and old enough to do things for herself, priceless!

    and too cute!

    puppy, almost housebroken.


  2. My wife taught me to knit a few years ago, but I gave it up. It was too much work for my hands on top of all the drawing. You don't realize how much patience it takes to create pieces like this until you try to do it yourself. That's some nice fiber art!

  3. Very cool! Too good for kids, if you ask me. ;o)

  4. Wow. When you say you knit, you really knit.

  5. Great sweaters but as someone who is watching his own kids grow up way to fast that makes me kind of sad. :(

  6. Great idea! I never would have thought of using clothes as art, but it works so well.

  7. You're pretty hardcore there, Blue Gal.


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