Wednesday, December 20

First Freedom First: Reproductive Health

I'm blogging this week on the battleground issues of First Freedom First, an umbrella organization supporting specific issues related to the separation of church and state. - BG

And I've set aside my ban on live models because it's a bathing suit and the head scarf makes it so demure. Yeah.

I've blogged many times on issues of contraception, abortion, gender politics, not to mention sex.

So you can go back and read what I've wrote on these issues, but two points, I think bear repeating:

I think NARAL is using Roe v. Wade as a self-perpetuating cash cow, just like the religious right does. I do not forgive them for endorsing Lieberman, either.

It is regrettable that the heavy lifting in smaller cases, like when some pharmacist won't sell birth control because said pharmacist would rather prescribe their own sexual morality than prescriptions (I think "you're fired" is a good response)...anyway, the heavy lifting in these cases goes to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the ACLU. (Check out some recent cases here.) These smaller cases threaten to gradually erode reproductive health for Americans in general, and American women in particular.

Secondly, I find it fascinating that some of the best web info on reproduction and contraception can be found at The marketplace can't afford to be inaccurate or preachy. The marketplace, in this instance, has decided to tell the truth. It isn't preaching, by the way, to indicate that abstinence is the best way to avoid STD's, pregnancy, and AIDS. Duh. But it is responsible to point out that "abstinence is not always a practical or desirable option." Double duh.

For more on the First Freedom First campaign for reproductive health, click here.


  1. Just wait for the wingnuts to issue a fatwah against Walgreens.

    "I thought it was a good Christian America-loving store because the name rhymes with Walmart - I was fooled!"

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Who knew that corporations could act in such a manner... maybe Walgreens is just afraid to get sued. Nothing like the threat of litigation to get a corporation to behave :)

  3. Good for Walgreen's! I've thought for some time (and may have read it here as well) that the religious right isn't really interested in stopping abortion. They've pretty much lost on the issue of "outlawing" homosexuality, and they need a banner to rally the troops. If Roe v. Wade were overturned, and every state outlawed abortion, they'd have to find some other issue to flog, and this one is just so convenient.

    That might be why they're going after contraception now. If you prevent a pregnancy in the first place, you won't have any need for abortion, and there would be no need for picketing women's clinics and sending out frantic email blasts asking for money.

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    In case I don't have much time to blog, nor read blogs -

    But Wishing you a Happy and Joyous one (followed up by a Little Xmas *cheer*) and maybe the season can be a bit Merry & Bright!

    And there's always 2007 to look forward to!

    Happy Holidays and Very Merry Christmas!


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