Monday, December 11

This is not a Mommy Blog.

Not Blue Gal's actual house, just a reasonable facsimile.

But as I wrote to a friend yesterday, The Sunday New York Effin' Times is read, the blog is tended to, and the best video blog has three blog round-ups full of wonderful blogs, even though Mike is outta town. My house is a SHAMBLES. Every single room. I have not put away a clean shirt in four days.

But here is what IS done: The Christmas tree is up. All three children are fed and bathed and have clean clothes on and know Mommy loves them. (Did I mention I'm doing this alone until the 20th, as Mr. BG is outta town? BTW the rumors are not true. Mr. BG and Mike are not the same person. Thanks for checking.)

So would I have it any other way? NOPE.

PS who would have thought the top three flappy birds would only be separated by FIVE VOTES as of this writing? Think your vote does not count? Get your butt over there and vote.

And CDR Salamander is a very very funny opponent. Thanks, Hon. I'll raincheck you on that lunch date.


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Thank you for not posting a mommy blog.

    The lady I've been seeing recently has two kids from a previous marriage. Instead of blogging, I went out and assisted with the purchase of a Christmas tree.

    She paid WAYYY too much money for one.

    But anyway, I'm proud of her. She is a great single mom and works a stressful job. I just have to stay on her to not overextend herself and overanalyze.

    Heh. Getting a Scorpio not to analyze is an impossible feat. I should know. I am one as well.

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    "The Christmas tree is up"

    Well, hell, you're one up on me, then. I'm trying to convince the wife that I am not bound by the white man's holidays, but I don't think she's buying it. I did manage to put up the Christmas lights, by which I mean green and red floodlights (best. investment. evar!)


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