Sunday, December 3

Music for a Sunday

If'n you think Frank Zappa does not have any influence on today's music. Huh.

Cake, Comfort Eagle. Great music for a Sunday. Turn it up, kids.

At first I thought this fan video showed the "drilling for oil" image too often. Then I realized it wasn't. Not at all.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    It has been said that Americans use consumerism to fill the void in their souls where spirituality should reside, and that what spirituality they do have (specifically Christianity) has been bleached and neutered to serve merely as the handmaiden to consumerism (forget Matthew 19:21, it's "Jesus Christ, brought to you by..."). Small wonder, then, that increasing numbers of people are flocking to a variety of bizarre cults, alienated by a Christianity that blames the poor for their lot, and rationalizes the rape and destruction of the Earth.

  2. um...okay... hmmm...flocking to bizarre cults. Isn't Christianity simply a bizarre Jewish cult that got really good funding? hmmm...

    anyways...back to Zappa. (and maybe my nausea will subside).

    Thanks for the posts on Zappa. Makes me want to go dig out my old Joe's Garage album and sing along. But alas I have no working turntable and it's boxed up with 400 other records in a back room.

  3. thank you for remembering Frank feel 17 again...for a few minutes anyways.


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