Sunday, December 17

Sex. Knitting. Sex. Knitting. Sex.
Er, whatever.

Some of you already know that Blue Gal, the blogger, is a knitter. This is not a knitting blog, however. But I did want to take this opportunity to let knitters who may be reading my blog anyway (cool) to be aware that I'll be in Tacoma, Washington at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival on the weekend starting Thursday, January 25. Thanks to Chris in Seattle who suggested I get in touch with some Drinking Liberally people, will do. Please, if you're in greater Seattle, and I hope by now you have power, you poor dears, feel free to drop me a line and let's make arrangements to meet.

Because it's on topic, I'm gonna indulge myself with a little knitting post. Feel free to come back tomorrow if you only come for left wing politics and panties.

But oh, speaking of panties, those of you who are knitters probably read Knitty on a regular basis but honestly, knitting a man's thong in Fixation? Geez.

We'd better explain the joke, which goes beyond that yarn's silly name. Fixation is a cotton/spandex blend with a big emphasis on the spandex. It's the stretchiest yarn I've ever encountered. I'd be afraid to knit with it, frankly, though a thong made out of same would be a "snap" and I mean that in the ouch way.

Okay, so what if I told you that the sexy come-hither finger in this photo is attached to a hand that is attached to a man who actually knit the sweater you almost missed because you were fantasizing about that, um, ankle?

Of course if you are a knitter like Blue Gal (and Figleaf, the guy in the picture who did indeed knit that sweater, in silk, ohgodohgodohgod....)

...then I'm afraid you noticed the sweater first. Are the stitches in those cables twisted? Is that plain ol' trinity stitch in the center panel, 'cause it looks like there might be some little yarnovers, but then again, it could be the yarn. What size needles? Do you have any problem with the silk worming (it's a knitting term) or felting? What about tension? How much give does silk have? Is it pure silk, or is there cotton or ramie or bamboo blended in?

But now I'm thinking about that finger. I don't wonder for a single solitary moment what else Figleaf could do with those fingers. I am sure he can. The only thing that would recommend him more on that naughty level than knitting would be playing Hammond Organ, but I digress.

Sigh. And I hesitate to send you knitters to a sex blog, your virgin eyes, yeah right. But Figleaf is such a wonderful writer, he keeps the "nice" photos of himself below the fold, (where I go first) and this post is about erotic knitters in the news. What's not to love?


  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Very clever, but I may turn out to be the only reader with a comment...thanks

  2. I just asked my husband if he wanted me to make the thong for him he said NO. Too funny.

  3. Ummm . . . is that the undone waistband of his slacks there in the lower left of the photo?

    The only thing sexier than a knitter with a brain,(i.e., a knitter with progressive politics) would be a knitter with a brain and an ACCORDION.

    Thanks for revealing your knitterly side, BG. But, it does beg the "chicken & egg" question. Are you smart and progressive because you knit? Or, do you knit because you're smart and progressive?

  4. Ah, chicken and egg. I think most knitting bloggers are smart and progressive. I think if you have those three and THEN start a blog about any of it, you've got a golden egg and the goose that laid it.

    It's creativity. Makes you think, makes you care, makes you (though I hate this word) pro-active.

  5. The recent rise of knitting from "something done at church socials by women with blue hair" to the hip hobby it has again become has everything to do with politics - gender politics, to start with.

    Knitbloggers are engaged in consciousness raising and sometimes fund-raising (check out the blogosphere-wide Doctors without Borders event, hosted on the Yarn Harlot's blog, not to mention the Afghans for Afghans and the Hats for Tibet, to name but three).

    Knitters today are pushing the envelope on what can be done with some hair from a fluffy animal and some sticks; knitbloggers are rushing along, documenting the revolution, which goes loop in loop with the change in political climate. If Anonymous hasn't heard about any of this - perhaps BG should blog it some more, n'est pas?

  6. Well, Figleaf makes me want to pick up those pointy things and learn to knit. His whole approach to life is hella sexy.

    Nice to see a liberated dude.


  7. I can tell you're turned on, Tengrain, 'cause you forgot to say "regards". And I'd pay real money to sit on a sofa and teach you to knit. We do it with the left hand over here, dahlink. Is it hot in here?

  8. Anonymous9:54 PM

    You know, I have to say that I noticed the finger first. I mean, how can I not? I'm a gay man and I see that a lot, men pointing to their winkies *grins*

  9. poor anonymous, what made her/him think there'd be no other comments on such a provocative post? thanks for knitting, politicking, and providing the sweater-knitter linkage. cheers!


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