Monday, December 4

help me pick...

Carnival of The Liberals is asking lefty bloggers to submit their best post of the year for their First Anniversary Round-Up. I just went through the graveyard of May and June, to save time, and linked below to my favorites from those two months. But I would be grateful to hear from my readers before I make a final submission, which I must do before tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 8 pm EST.

If you are a blogger your own self, DO submit your best post of the year here. The more the merrier.

The Mainstream on Abortion and why we're out of it. (May)

Blue Gal goes Green. (May)

Can't a blogger get a little respect around here? (May)

And finally, Are we anti- the Religious Right or Just Co-Dependent? (June)


  1. You had me at hello with Blue Gal Goes Green. That's my pick.

    Check your e-mail. I sent you something.


  2. "Are we anti religious right . . ."

    Definitely. You're divinely inspired by PT and the bathtub.

  3. 'Are we anti- the Religious Right or Just Co-Dependent?' Damned, know what I mean.

  4. always interested12:02 AM

    I'm with Threading Water and Cap'n Dyke, even before I read what they said--I decided at work, today: "Are we anti-the Religious Right or just Co-Dependent?" There are just so many good things about it, BG.

  5. they all are good..I remember three of them actually- they were really memorable....I like the Right vs Codpendent best though...yup that is my vote....

    ( too bad you can't enter more than one....)

  6. You were on fire in May.

    I say go with the Bloggers getting respect one. They're all great though.

  7. Anti-religious.

    1. It plays to your intellectual srengths

    2. Not linked to other bloggers

    3. Shows your personality

    4. I like to make list, er um the three above.

  8. Congratulations on all of your salutes and attention! About time folks started showering you with awards! :)


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