Thursday, December 14

Yer kidding!

You mean to tell me that the Saudi Royal Family is telling the Bush Royal Family how to conduct Middle East policy? Who knew?

'Kay, shorter answer: who didn't know?

I mean, The Mofo Wall Street Journal isn't covering this story today. It isn't news to them. It's nice of the Saudis to give the Israelis a break, though. It was high time for a tag.

Great posts on this from There Is No Spoon and Smirking Chimp.

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  1. if the saudi's want to really mess with the US and Iraq, they'll bring the price of oil down to $16 again. the shiites won't be getting rich anymore, and neither will the Bush admin...whoops! 3,000 dead soldiers and no more profits!? Bush to Cheney: "let's get outa there, uncle Dick!"

    come see us at the neoskeptic. we've got a new look. ;-) and i mention you in my latest blog. love ya BGal.


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