Tuesday, December 19

No Christmas Card from the White House Yet....

panties tree

Last minute holiday shopping don'ts and do's:

DON'T: Because anyone who buys this is FUAW (First Up Against the Wall) the $6,810 ensemble, including alligator leash, for your dog.

DO: Attaturk has gone and put out the calendar as a real, hangable object. Twenty bucks is more than worth it. What calendar? Oh where have YOU been? It's the one, the only,

GOP Character Counts Calendar for 2007!!!

Don't you remember former GOP chairperson Ken Mehlman as Miss June?


Many of the other months are too obscene for even this blog, but if you scroll down the Rising Hegemon After Dark site, you can see for yourself.

And you can order several dozen here, through LuLu. I can't imagine a better way to start the year.

PS. Thanks to my hunnies Norbizness (for the title) and Omnipotent Poobah (for the panties tree).


  1. Ken better watch out, there's probably at least one meth-smoking Baptist minister giving him the eye.

  2. This is surreal. In a good way.

  3. oooohhhh baby! this made my morning! ; )


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