Tuesday, September 4

Department of "oh no, he dinnnt."

Okay, let me get this straight. (NOT GAY! Is "not gay" the new black?)

A 74 year old retired pastor...

county commissioner...

who looks like this...

Paid for no-tell motel sex?

With a hooker?

With blank forged checks?

And he's a Republican?!?

The fact that his name is "Coy Privette." A porn producer would reject that one as too obvious. Go read more somewhere else.

PS. Oh snap! He lost his job as President of the Christian Action League. Man, where can I get some Christian Action like he got?

Update: WELL WORTH THE LISTEN: The Unger Report on telling the kids about Republicans' "special friends."


  1. I got in an argument this past weekend with my first-generation feminist mother who, spurned on by the Craig scandal, stated her opinion that men are dogs and weaklings because of their unbridled desire for sex.

    In response, let me say that all human beings have temptations and such matters come down to personal responsibility and good judgment. Many of us choose to throw restraint to the wind.

    The hypocrisy of the message of social conservatism has never been so glaringly obvious. Should we persecute men for well, being men? I personally don't care a whit about a person's personal life unless it directly contradicts the philosophy they report to represent.

  2. It's the viagra ... it's giving these old guys a longer shelf life. To Kevin: I do agree with your mother. In general, men seem more willing (than women) to throw caution to the wind when it comes to sex.

    I don't think people should necessarily be persecuted for their behavior, unless -- as you mentioned -- it's in direct contradiction with the philosophy they claim to represent.


  3. the men are dogs/pigs, whatever, is just an easy out for everyone involved. men AND women.
    yes, men can help it and yes, if your husband or boyfriend or son is a "pig" they you by god better try to do something other than throw your hands in the air and say there's nothing to be done as it is thier nature.
    if you take the pig business to it's logical conculsion then we women should all be wearing freaking burquas and stay looked away because men will rape given half a chanmce and women are either stupid and easily led or whores by nature.
    i hear that baloney from someone at least once a month. from different people and for differing reasons. phooey.

  4. Even funnier than your post was your label: "Why?" Nice work!

  5. Christian Action League? I just got a mental image of Pat Robertson and a bunch of other freaks like him dressed up in leotards and tights. Luckily I managed to turn my head before I spat club soda all over the keyboard!


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