Saturday, September 1

Thanks, Tengrain

Tengrain of Mock Paper Scissors, out of the blue, no pun intended, sent me my own tea rose:

It's lavender, not blue, actually, and since it's called "blue girl," this blogger probably has as much claim to it as I.

But it's facing to its left, and is noted as being "an excellent bloomer with a strong constitution. Very fragrant."

Thanks Ten.


  1. Aw, shucks! Thanks! ::hugs::

    (You know, if I recall correctly, we started blogging the same week, but I do believe you were a day or two ahead of me...) Who knew back then that we would both make enough of a splash that we would be confused for one another? For the record - it's a mistaken identity that I take as a compliment! ;)

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I actually saw one today at the garden center - it is a glorious thing, well-scented, and even in the 97° heat, she held her petals up high. The scent was very strong, too.

    I'm thinking of buying one to remind me of you.



  3. That's beauteous, and so apropos.

  4. that is so beautiful.....and it has a strong constitution...wonderful

  5. that is beautiful. what a sweet gift.

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I used to grow Blue Girl roses. They're very perfumey and only bloom once a year. At least that's how they behaved for me.


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