Wednesday, September 5


If you are known in the headlines as the "Bathroom Sex Senator," it's time to retire.


  1. now that he says he might not leave --- i kinda hope he sticks around so we have a wonderful target next Nov.

  2. Looks like Craig decided to quit quitting! I'm with Dcap ... it's going to give Dems evem MORE to talk about in '08!


  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    First he's guilty, then he's not guilty, then he's resigning, then he's not resigning. He's the sort of asswipe who's always at the front of the line at McDonald's trying to decide what he wants.

    Here's what I want...GET OUT OF TOWN YOU MORON YOU! Besides, Ted Stevens is sticking up for your worthless ass. That seals the deal for me.

  4. Apparently, there are many threads to this particular sweater - Arlen Specter needs Craig to support him on the warrantless-wiretapping stuff.

    Am I weird because I like him a little better once I found out that Bush hates him, and called him a 'goddamn traitor'?

  5. I think my comment just vanished...hmm...I wrote that I really think by Sept 30th there will be Page coming forward remembering Some Things....

    and I also wrote that what the hell happened to Spector ???

  6. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Run Larry Run



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