Thursday, September 6

worth stealing!

"George" at the open thread at Crooks last night posted this and I told him I'm stealin' it. I especially love number 4.

Comment 37:

I got to thinking about what the top ten reasons for staying in Iraq would be…

10. Haliburton is the only stock in the hedge funds that is making money

9. We can’t afford the gas to bring the troops home.

8. Everybody there has a Sunni disposition.

7. We don’t want the troops to find out how much their 401(K)s have fallen.

6. If they weren’t fighting about the war, the politicans might have time to make a real mess

5. It isn’t as thrilling to serve turkey to troops in San Mateo

4. We haven’t gotten our flowers and candy yet.

3. The troops might catch cold if they were subjected to 90 degree weather

2. We haven’t told them about New Orleans yet

1. Because George Bush says to

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