Monday, September 3

Skype Salon tonight here's the link.

Oh my Doctor Zaius is at it again....I love the photoshop, but I wonder if with the thin harem pants and the ultrasuede upholstery if my butt would stick to the divan.

Salon is here. Download Skype here if you haven't already.

See you at 9 Eastern.


  1. I looked at Zaius' post and video of Tucker. A couple aspects of the same thought come to mind.

    I had seen a news clip where somebody was holding up a placard that said "Craig isn't gay, he's a pervert".

    Does the Gay community really "embrace" this kind of behavior? I don't think so. Is the behavior simply a matter of a male being attracted to members of the same sex?

    I ask these questions because this assumption was implicit in the dialog that took place in Tucker's video.... it is kind of a two-edged sword for Republicans whereas Gay's can be bashed while their (Republicans) self-righteousness is maintained denouncing "one of their own" for "Gay" behavior.

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM


    I'm not sure if a Harvard Grad and a mother of two would part her thighs for everyone. Just don't see you in this pose.


  3. Organic George! I'm a mother of three. Please don't forget my third, known as not-a-baby Cheesy Poof. I spread my knees for any OB-GYN that comes down the pike and don't blink if the UPS man needs a signature from the doc during my exam. But otherwise, you're right, of course.

  4. I thought that the humor of Tucker Calson's statements were only tangentially about homosexuality. The funniest part about Tucker's statements was that he was boasting the equivalent of "MY father invented the Toaster Strudel." He was the math nerd telling the football players that "MY homophobia is bigger than YOUR homophobia."

    I apologize if I have offended anyone with photograph that I selected. The original photo was of Adele Jergens as the Sultan's daughter in the 1945 family film "A Thousand and One Nights". I find it hard to imagine that anyone would find this picture objectionable, as in my mind this photo is not from a racy film, it was not a racy role and I hardly think it was a racy pose. If 1945 family films are too provocative for some of your readers though, I offer my deepest apologies, and might I suggest that this pose might be more to their liking.


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