Monday, September 10

photoshop this picture

Make it political. Have fun. Post it to your blog, post the link in comments.

Everyone wins.

The topic of velcro towel wraps came up at Salon. (No, honey, we were not talking about you, we were talking about the to-do list which is about you. I'll pick up your towel wrap at Penney's and make sure it gets to California in time for your shower.***)

***no that is not satire.


  1. My mother invented this back in the early seventies--she used a "popper" instead of velcro. Her inspiration was the sarong and the fact that our family of six had only one full bathroom, forty feet from my parents bedroom. Dad got the first one.

  2. Zaius wins!

    What cracks me up in the original is that the woman has a fairly inviting smile, while the guy's expression says, umm, doofus!


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