Monday, September 10

I'm late, so here's a mini-blog roundup

Vlog will be late this morning, in fact I may wait until tomorrow except that tomorrow's busy too. It's that kind of week, at least for the first three days.

I have cub scouts until 8:30 eastern so I may be a few minutes late to salon but it will be set up and the link will be here.

BTW do check out Threading Water as she's vlogging now, too! (Twins.)

And Cap'n has Muffin, Cross-Dressing Bear o' Mystery, which is so wonderful it better become a regular feature. Just saying.

Skippy is embroiled in an embroilment with FDL as to whether they only link Big Box Blogs, as Skippy calls them. I loved that FDL defended themselves with: we didn't link to big blogs, hey, Down with Tyranny only gets 2000 hits per day!

I love FDL as much as the next blogger, but honeys, I can't stop laughing. Can't.

Finally, I want to tell you how much I love my children. Love them. But there are moments, moments when I wish no mess would get made in my house for five whole minutes? It's at those moments that I totally, totally get this.


  1. after my daughter grew up, the house was clean( except for the pet's ideas of just what clean meant to them)and i was happy about how thw place looked.
    now with my grand daughter being 3, i find i actually look forward to the sticky little fingerprints again. ; )

  2. As they get older only the nature of the issue changes. We're still trying to get somebody to put the software back in the box after he installs it so the cd or DVD won't get scratched.

    RE: Big box blogs - I'm going to be like Zippy - all day I'm going to go around shouting BIG BOX BLOGS! BIG BOX BLOGS! BIG BOX BLOGS!

  3. 2,000 hits a day! Blogs get that much traffic! OMG~!

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I'll pass on the blogging industry, and remain a happy dirty fucking hippee.

  5. hahaaha

    As I wrote over at Skippy's, I like FDL, but wow, there's a serious disconnect on the traffic issue there.

    I only recently added a sitemeter, and since I don't blog every day, I don't expect a ton of traffic, but still, regular traffic into 4 figures, let alone 5, would be astounding.

    The larger point is that the bigger bloggers, many of them fine people and fine writers, could be more active in promoting quality work apparently under their own radar.

  6. Capn Dyke12:37 PM

    Who be Th' Cap'n t'deny anythin' that would bring Me Darlin' BlogMate pleasure? As ye wish...


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