Sunday, September 2

Reason enough for me.

I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul because Tucker Carlson likes him. Kudos on getting the stripper turned libertarian-county-chairman vote, though.


  1. In a lot of ways, Libertarians are ideological suckers. Their political philosophy stems from the same root as Liberalism (which I believe IS the formed the philosophical basis of America), i.e. emphasis on the assurance of freedom and liberties of for individual, however Liberalism understands that this does not culminate in anarchy, but rather the establishment of Liberal governmental forms that include checks, balances and other features that make it difficult for any one person or group to achieve absolute hegemony for a protracted period.

    Libertarians miss the fact that government by-and-for the people is really the only possible guarantor of individual freedoms for all amongst many other societal "power blocks" such as religion, business and/or other groups and organizations aggregating on banalities such as ethnic identity.

    Thus, the Liberal form of government that has emerged in the West, and specifically in America tends toward the secular, egalitarian, democratic, representational republic that by virtue of the enlightenment and experience of cataclysmic economic upheaval eschews historical notions such as the "divine right of Kings" and laissez faire capitalism in favor of pragmatic hybrids with the intent to optimize human dignity and personal freedom under the law for each and every citizen.

    The Libertarian makes the mistake in assuming "government" is the only bogeyman that can deprive an individual a life of freedom, often embracing laissez faire capitalism  (also known as Classic Liberal Economics.... but long ago transcended by modern Liberalism)as the ideal in a kind of minarchist or even anarchist condition of government.

    In other words the Libertarian fails to bear in mind conditions that obtained in the world, and even in America, where "owners" in pursuit of their capitalistic dreams would hold entire families in a virtual condition of indentured servitude through debt to the "company store" and the "owner" as land lord while the men dutifully mined the coal out of the ground or labored in the factory to provide a fat profit margin for the boss.

    The Libertarian fails to see the necessity of government as regulator.... fails to see its necessary involvement in the economy, and fails to see that the function of government is essentially to be the champions of those who "have not" or in one way or another are not part of "the in crowd" or one of the "beautiful people".... or maybe just can't work anymore.

    They (Libertarians)are instead obsessed with the requirement to pay taxes, adhere to regulations and deal with laws.

    They succumbed to Republican propaganda that government "is the problem" and hyperbole about some fantasy "smaller government" never perceiving that without the American Constitution and enlightened governmental intervention, America would never have emerged from the industrial revolution of the late 18th and early 20th century, collapsing under the unsustainable polarity between have and have-not generated by scorched-earth robber baron economics.

    The Libertarians have been chumps.... modern Republicanism never intended to create a "smaller government" or even one that defends their individual liberties. Modern Republicanism intended to create government that far from regulating anything, would be a mere extension and guarantor of Corporate Plutocracy....

    Furthermore, the notion that diminutive governmental size guarantees their Liberty is simply naive. :P
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  2. Yeah.... I got the centuries wrong for the industrial revolution.... speech

  3. They got the question wrong, Blue Gal. It is not "Why wouldn't I vote for Ron Paul," millions of americans are asking "what is the other white meat."

    Just thought I should clear it up for you.



  4. Tucker, for me, will always be the guy who interviewed His Chimperial High-ness when he was mocking the woman he was going to put to death.

  5. ron paul is a bigot in my eyes, and in a lot of other's.


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