Wednesday, September 12

Good enough for me!

The Right is in a feeding frenzy over the whole MoveOn ad but when I saw one of them accuse MoveOn of "emboldening the enemy" I just said woot baby can we have another homo/hooker/page scandal by the end of the week?


  1. Larry Flynt should be publishing the photos and interview of the hooker Vitter solicited in Nawlins.

    Evil Spock might pick up the Hustler for the article . . .

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Pay not attention to the military dead and wounded behind the curtain, a political ad might hurt them.


    PS do you think Mrs OG will let him buy Hustler if it for political purposes?

  3. seriously guys, I went to the hustler website yesterday.


    airbrushed penetration? heavily made up naked girls with NO facial expression?

    and they're so classy!

    Sorry Larry, there is better porn on the internet than what you have to offer.

  4. The right is nothing if not generous.

    With the scandals, that is.

  5. they(the right's sexual jollies ) are interesting. not the old everyday stuff. they make it worth reading about. ; )

  6. well Blue Gal ...
    there are 5 other hookers...waiting in might get your wish...
    ( personally I am hoping that there is a PAGE would come forward who Remembers Something about MrCraig...)


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