Tuesday, September 16

Coming soon to a Caribbean near you: The Six Day Dante's Circle of Hell Cruise!

Not a photoshop, folks! I could make a joke about how Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and the entire senior staff of the National Review Online will all be in the same boat after November 4, but hey! They will be!

I wonder why they aren't staying closer to home. Don't they think they'll be needed for the McCain Transition Team or something?

If you're brave enough to go to the cruise website you'll notice a listing for Deroy Murdoch, who I figured must be a Rupert relation, right?

Um, note to the copy editors, it's Murdock. And he's a black guy. They wouldn't misspell someone's last name to pretend that there was an actual Murdoch on board, would they?

And the cruise website cut and pasted Kathryn Jean Lopez's bio, too. It says she was featured in Playboy, asterisk, but then there's no notation reassuring us that we do not have to think about her naked in a magazine photo spread.

Confession: I read NRO The Corner for fun. And my favorite NRO quote of the month comes, as it so often does, from Ms. Lopez herself. What did we learn, Katie Jean, from Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson? Well...

Not the type of things that will help in the writing of an intellectual biography.

Now that's taken out of context, but if you read the rest of just this one piece on Palin...well, let it never be said that certain NRO editors with Playboy bonafides can't fake an O.


  1. 'Ship Of Tools'


  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Wow, trapped on a floating prison with a bunch of douchebags and having the "opportunity" to see KLo in a thong bikini? I'll pass.

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I heard your confession, and I read Klo until: "When I got there, I realized that I wracking [sic] my brain so much for facts and figures on whatever subject we were talking about, that I knew I didn’t do well.”

    Professionals who can't be bothered to proof reed [sic] make me want to bathe.

    For your penance, I urge you to find better outlets for fun; Spfld has a nice Lincoln museum with a great photo and cartoon exhibit. Just sayin'.

  4. I am guessing that the ship will be very buoyant, what with all of that hot air on board!


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