Sunday, September 21

Where we need to go with the "swing" voters...

...because seriously, the deal with them is, they're voting for President the same way they voted in High School for Prom King and Queen. How will it make ME look to vote for Johnny and Sarah, rather than for Barry and Joe?

Convincing them that voting for Johnny will make THEM as voters look stupid is right on the money, honey.

BTW I realize I'm about five news cycles late on this one, but I've actually been on a very nice vacation, the children and I staying with some friends out of town. A lovely, lovely time. Back to more up-to-date programming, I expect, though I hope you don't come here or to any one blog for breaking news or up-to-date analysis, anyway. I pity bloggers who think that they have to take on that responsibility.


  1. Brilliant observation. I, myself am running far too short on patience with the electorate to come up with any thoughts that contain "swing" but not "fireman's axe" just now, so thank you for yours.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Not to detract from your post, but i got to laughing so hard at your blinkie "If he were my bush I'd shave him off" I almost forgot what the post was about.

    Thanks for the early Monday morning laugh.

    It was desperately needed.

  3. So I've totally started doing this.

    I just started working part-time as a Waikiki cocktail waitress and have found out some fascinating things in the past 3 weeks. First, people are talking about the election. I overhear the topic on every shift. At first, I'd try to gently make a few brilliant points, but that wasn't getting me anywhere other than onto a one way train to depressed-ville. Then last week, I reacted with a shocked, "Really?!" when a guy at a table said he really wanted McCain. And I walked away. After all, I'm a busy waitress.

    5 minutes later, after getting their drinks, the original guy was defending himself as hyper as I've ever seen a drunk guy against whatever tidal wave of ridicule was coming over him by his 4 male and 2 female group of friends.

    It was beautiful. And I'm going to keep doing it. Not only does it work, but it is so easy.


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