Monday, September 29

The differences between me and Hank Paulson.

(Thanks to Zaius for the original photoshop) of us doesn't have a 401K. of us made 6.1 million more than the other (in 2006 dollars, though)

...if providing financial aid to the rich was virtuous, he'd be elevated to sainthood.

...if advocating and inspiring small bloggers [not to mention raising three young kids as a single mom] qualified as "creative genius," she'd win a MacArthur Grant.

...I'm not even asking for a bailout. Just put some pocket change in the hat, wink, and I thank ye.

...oh, and Paulson does not accept Paypal. Yet. But this blog does:

My bank account and some very devoted readers to this blog have convinced me to run quarterly fundraisers. The General's rules apply: if you like this blog and can give, please do. If you don't like this blog or can't, don't. And no hard feelings.

Whether you give or don't, thanks for reading this blog. You've changed my life for the better, more than you can ever know. Thank you.


  1. thank you for being here.

  2. You've been a nurturing influence for many of us out here.

  3. Your blog is one of my favorite little corners of the intertubes.


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