Tuesday, September 30

Great Salon last night.

McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenthaler, apparently on Fox and Friends (you mean they still have any?) said Gwen Ifill would "have to answer for" too many foreign policy questions at Thursday's debate.

Hey just so long as Palin has to answer, I'm happy.

To paraphrase Batocchio at tonight's Salon:

Biden should answer every single question, "I yield my time to the Governor of the great state of Alaska."

Her abilities may be few, but in her defense, Ms. Palin has made Dan Quayle look like an experienced statesman.

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  1. Yes, let Palin dig her own grave. Don't cut her off. Let her talk.

  2. Oooh, a threat from Pft, uh, Pfoot, um, Pfotenthaler!

    Donation later tonight!

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I don't see a button, BG.



  4. hmm....

    maybe I need to put a link, too.

    it's www.paypal.com, the "send money" tab, then my email addy, bluegalsblog@gmail.com.


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