Monday, September 22

Vlog 9/22

Under ten minutes, gets a little personal at the beginning, but I think you guys can handle that. :)

Skype Salon tonight, 9 Eastern. Hope to see you there.


  1. nicely done bg. the idea of community is passe'... guess we all prefer bowling alone. the idea of social capital has been replaced by flat-screen tvs. cultural priorities aside, this fosters misunderstandings and ultimately paranoia about what's going on outside our front doors. i'm glad to hear (and see!) you pushing for public library attendance. its such a valuable community asset - that they allow the homeless to use their facilities only demonstrates that fact. maybe AIG, JP Morgan, Ford, etc. can donate a little of their newly discovered wealth to "real" public works.

  2. I feel for you, Blue Gal.

    Now you see how screwed up and unfit a program Medicaid is. I have to rely on it. My psychiatrist takes it only because he feels sorry for me. Most other decent p-docs in the area would not because it pays out at such a low rate.

    As prescription drug coverages goes, it's decent but only just barely. I have to pay out of pocket for the dentist or a GP.

    This is what's really going to have to change if we have universal coverage.

  3. I like your idea! I think I shall move into the local library. I shall lounge through my days in science fiction and philosophy, but I will spend my evenings in the romance section! Ooo-La-La!

  4. Being involved in the community is a great idea BG. My girlfriend and I also found out that the local community college has these "drive-in" movies where you can either park in the parking lot or bring a lawn chair and see a movie for FREE. It was awesome seeing all of these families out seeing a movie with their kids. It is amazing what you can find when you look for it in terms of community activities and many times they are free or very low priced.

  5. I'm in.

    I actually walk through the parking lot of the library in my new neighborhood to get to the grocery store but I've never gone in. Mainly because the parking lot is always empty and it never looks open.

    Actually, now that I say that... why is the parking lot always empty and why does it never look open?

    Anyway, one teeny suggestion. Could you put a link under this video to "The Big Read" website? Maybe we could get a few more people to head over there.

    I say this because in my laziness just now, I considered not checking it out because I'd have to type something in the search bar. Sad, but true. But I'm sure I'm not the only laptop user that sits in funky positions when they read/watch videos on the computer.

    Love your vlog. I'll try to join the Skype convo tonight if I can get back early enough (I'm on Hawaiian time so it'll be 3pm for me).

    And I hope it's ok that I make a suggestion like that. I still feel like a total blog newbee and I don't quite understand the social norms yet.

  6. I'm ALWAYS defensive when confronted by those who vehemently lament our loss of public space.

    The won't use the public schools, transportation, parks, library, pool, andonandon because they are FILLED with? NO, visited by "undesirable" types.

    It isn't "theirs" unless you give it to them. At that point it ceases to be YOURS. Just DO IT.
    Walk anywhere you like and act like you own it, because you do.

    If you need baby steps, stoop sit, walk around the neighborhood, TALK to a neighbor you don't know. When you have your feet wet, seek out and go to a community meeting regarding a resource that interests you. There are dozens to choose from. One, two (or more) days per month away from your flat screen must see TV is great for the soul.
    Hint: Take the kids with you. If they don't have babysitting, the kids'll learn to entertain themselves quietly for an hour or two. Which pays huge dividends in nearly all their other community interactions.


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