Monday, September 15

Vlog 9/15

what's that bubble sound at the beginning? Anyway, under five minutes. Salon tonight. xo


  1. hope you get your basement dry. i've put off picking up the branches and downed lwaves and crap til tomorrow. just didn't want to deal with it today.

    at least i still have power. there are still about 70 thousand in the area that don't.

  2. My friend was put in the drunk tank on Catalina Island this weekend (it was unjustified, I promise), and as he was being driven away from the "scene of the crime," the deputy looked into the back seat and said "I bet you're gonna vote for that black Obama bastard."
    So, yeah...the flip off you experienced comes in many pernicious forms. And it says nasty things about the purveyor every time.
    I have to say that I didn't expect the racial dimension on an Island in Southern California, but there you go.


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