Thursday, September 25

No time for blogging today!

My six-year-old has discovered my computer's "paint" program. And she's, well, talented.

Speaking of rolling down a frozen hill, the McCain campaign: didja notice all the (AP, yeah, I know) photos of Sarah Palin suspending her campaign?


  1. I don't buy the suspended thing - they are up to something. Who knows, a coup, Marshall law.. another war somewhere. As is said in western and war movies, "It's too quiet, be prepared for anything."

  2. Nice painting. Just don't let her play the garbage can game....

  3. Far more talented than I, certainly.

  4. nice paintin'! finally, somebody doing something productive with a microsoft product... who'd a thunk?

    hey - thanks for the link on CNL!!!! we love your blog. keep up the good fight.


  5. I'll never have that kind of artistic ability.

    The best I can do is this:

  6. Good to be able to watch a young artist's work develop!


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