Thursday, September 18

A creative outlet for my rage.

I'm so mad I'm even linking to big orange.


  1. That speaks volumes.

  2. that pretty much sums up everything right there.

  3. Blue dear, Sarah's wiring ain't up to code and never has been.

  4. Wires, nothin': bubble embolisms are good for women, don't you understand?

    Geez - you must be a girl or somthin'!

  5. Anonymous9:27 PM

    This post is in extremely bad taste. DO NOT be surprised if your blog doesn't get flagged a few times over it.

  6. Dear Anonymous:

    Go do a Google Blog Search on "rape victim," as I did, and compare the image I selected to the others.

    You will notice I was quite restrained.

    I assume you aren't talking about a plain, unbent, unbloodied coat hanger with a white background.

    Google image search probably has some results for "back alley abortion with coat hanger" too, but I didn't search for those. I wouldn't want Sarah Palin to accuse me of being disrespectful.


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