Wednesday, September 17

POST... to my BLOG?!?

I haven't even visited my blog today. Teacher conferences for my son ate away the day, and that's a very good thing.

But The Reaction has the blog post title of the day.

And Loretta Nall sent me here, turns out if you're the kid of a white Republican officeholder, you can not only get teen pregnant with impunity, you can also smuggle drugs with impunity!

And I agree with the divine Ms. Nall (oh and Alabama's attorney general before he became a complete douchebag) that anyone thrown in jail for drugs should NOT have their voting rights taken away, as well.

Finally, I'm really really impressed that Wayne Besen called for the dismantling of the Log Cabin Republicans BEFORE he found out that Ellen DeGeneres would be the new face of Cover Girl Makeup.

Now it's like, how could they NOT disband. Self-hatred plus gay is just. so. over.

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