Saturday, September 13

Saturday Song

Dead Can Dance, "The Wind that Blows the Barley."


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    When the book "The Bell Curve" (the book proving the intellectual superiority of the white race) came out, Bono had the defining statement that slammed that books ridiculous premise.

    "Ireland never produced a rocket scientist, but we did have a few good poets"

    You Sat song proves his point.


  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    One of my favorites. I have at least a dozen versions of this song, but not this one, so thanks.

  3. Cool! I've long loved this version of an old standard. I saw DCD a few years back. I posted this for St. Paddy's last year, actually, but if you didn't know the background on the song, from my copy of The Irish Songbook:

    This is an excellent example of many songs that serve both as love lyrics and rebel song. The scene described refers to the 1783 rising. The words are the work of Robert Dwyer Joyce, a professor of English Literature at Catholic University at Dublin. In danger of arrest for rebel activities, Joyce fled to the United States. He later returned to Ireland and died in Dublin in 1883.


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