Monday, November 10


There's this f2f group I helped to create many many years ago. They attempted to start an online presence with a group blog but it really didn't work out. The organizer of the blog emailed all of us today to say he was thinking of canning the blog due to lack of participation from the otherwise lively and engaging group members.

I pointed out that group blogs don't usually spring from existing groups. They spring from existing bloggers. And that we should give the group blog a decent burial and move on. I trust the right online palette will appear. [That goes double for you, Darkblack. Find a group blog where you can have freedom in both content and scheduling. I have spoken.]

Then we got this response from one of the group:

...bloggers & bloggees, who never existed before the internet age, are mostly comprised of individuals who have empty lives and a lot of time on their hands, which makes them all the more frustrated!

I wouldn't post that trollish comment except probably this person won't be here to read it.

Whether he was joking or not, I laughed and laughed. 'Cause missing out on blogging, he's missing these, too, in more ways than one:


  1. Rather than attempting a group blog why not use a message board? Blogs are designed to express the thoughts of an individual.


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