Tuesday, November 11

Well, I really didn't want to go here, but....


An anonymous commenter at the post below has accused me of something called "slut-shaming."

OMG have I been outed a shamed slut? Dang, now you know all my kinky proclivities.

Making fun of a woman who exposes her breasts at her own wedding is not sexism. Please, we have come so far, let us NOT go back to the awful days when the word feminist was defined for us as “dour, humorless, anti-sex concern troll.”

If you are who I suspect you are, Anonymous, I must tell you: there are women who would LOVE to be "terrorized" by "nine massive inches" of manhood, and men who would LOVE a woman to try to knock them unconsious by smacking them in the face with an extra large titty.

I don't have any phone numbers for you, though. Google it your own self.

A final note: I learned very early on not to get into any debates with anyone about "what turns you on is actually anti- women/God/America." If you think the panties shown above promote violence against women, there is no help for you. But I think commenting on a blog using as your homebase, a url that hasn't been updated since last May, should be illegal.

Aw shoot, do I have to set up a "this is not a sex blog, really" label for my url now?


  1. Where's the FCC on this? I bet we see nipples tomorrow and videos of Scarborough saying fu -- wait, that's okay? Okay, those poor children.

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    What goes on between two competent and consenting adults is nobody's business. Etc., etc., etc.

    And what's the big deal with boobs anyway? They only seem to be a big deal in societies that cover them up.

    I bet within the next 20 years, bare breasted brides will not be unheard of in America.

  3. maybe he/she was referring to the previous picture of the big breasted lady in the wedding dress that barely concealed her massive breasts......

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    On the internet, no one knows if you are off your meds. Sigh. This too shall pass, Blue Gal.

  5. There's a huge difference between making fun of people, and working to remove their civil rights. Especially since being able to make fun of people is a civil right.

  6. 'there are women who would LOVE to be "terrorized" by "nine massive inches" of manhood, and men who would LOVE a woman to try to knock them unconsious by smacking them in the face with an extra large...'

    How do they fit all that into my inbox?


  7. hey, like they say, "whatever gets you thru the night..."

    geeezz what a crabby person!

    probably can just suck every last bit of joy from a room just by walking in!!!

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    At any given time there is someone stuck in feminism 101. Some stay there too long but it is all part of the journey.

    Personally I think it has to do with the individuals introduction to sex. If they were the victim of molestation or worse it's harder to get past the physiological trauma to get past the basics.

    But the tacky wedding with all the women, including the small children, dressed as sluts was too much for me. Adults can do what they want but small children should never be presented as sexual objects. But then I'm old fashion about things like that.


  9. well that was quite a convincing argument. You basically just said "is not."

    how is the original post not sexist?

  10. I loved those days at Harvard in the feminist studies department when we had hours to debate this stuff (and the professor had kindly told male students they were not welcome in her class, no really).

    This is not quite as safe an environment to grandstand against imagined sexism, now, is it?

    I'll quote darkblack, who says in last night's thread,

    "...spotlighting some sensitive-as-a-toilet-seat attention addict parading her Grand Teatons before a gobstruck crowd on her wedding day is to slut-shaming what the Bush family is to higher moral principles of governance."

    We've spent far to much time on her titties, anyway. I'm sure those who are offended by my stand on this can find intellectual masturbation based on feminist moral superiority elsewhere.