Tuesday, May 26

Chris Matthews, sweetheart

Chris, darling! It's not enough that we bloggers are some of the very few people in the entire media dating pool who can tolerate your indiscretions. We're dazzled by your encylopedic political mind, even when you let Pat Buchanan catch a ride with us to the dance. And such a Valentine on the Charlie Rose show last night! I'll bet you say that to all the girls...

Matthews: This is really deep Charlie. I think that I'm not absolutely sure of myself on issues. I know that my opinion, and I know that other people that I have different ones. And I feel like ending every show with not everything I say can be wrong. I mean I do think it's possible everything I said is wrong. I have a very strange view.

Some of the bloggers jumped on me. And this is what I think explains what some people think about me. When we first went into Iraq...

Rose: What do you think they think about you?

Matthews: Well they don't quite get me. They, I'm first of all a grown up and they resent that, but secondly, and also, I have a job...they don't like that either. That's really going to fester them with anger. But when we first went into Iraq and when they set it up this way or not and whether or not Mike Deaver still had his hand in this or not, you know like it all looked good, they all tore down the statues and everything looked great, I thought you know I've been dead wrong about this.

Rose: At that point everything was great.

Matthews: I thought I was wrong, but I thought it was good for the country.

Are you this subtle in the backseat of a car? Nothing about the lies leading up to war, the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. We're taking down statues in a country that does NOT have WMD's or yellowcake or Osama Bin Missin' but at the time it sure felt good to you? On behalf of the country? Great foreplay, and then you rip my bra off and tell me I'm not a grown-up but you are, I don't have a "job" but you do? And THAT'S why I'm festering with anger?

Chris, that tingle up your leg is my 800,000 volt keychain date rape stun gun. I'll take a cab home.

h/t Heather for the transcript.


  1. My goodness, you are on a metaphorical roll this week.

  2. Ouch. I love Chris, and he did go through a phase awhile back where I smelled Republican, but he has seemed to come back around lately.

    But... ouch. That hurt. I'm starting to wonder if he is really as grown-up as he pretends to be, or is he really just a political encyclopedia lurking inside a boy going through "the change."

  3. I always resent it when a person in the mainstream media uses such a broad brush to paint all bloggers. Some of them are of the wingnut/Kos variety, but many of us have unique commentary and very pertinent things to say. The problem is that none of them take any effort to really get to know the blogosphere and instead just want to throw rocks at it.

    It kind of reminds me of back in the fifties into the sixties where film stars and those in the film industry thought that television was the domain of hacks and inferior talent.

    Keith googles his own name? He would.


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