Friday, May 15

Dear Elizabeth Edwards:

We will say "Rielle Hunter" again unless you bring us...another shrubbery!


Elizabeth Edwards has been willing to talk about most anything in interviews about her new memoir that details her husband John's affair, but only under one condition: Interviewers must agree not to mention the name of the other woman in their broadcasts or stories.

Really this is as silly as anything Miss California has done. If the name of the woman your husband cheated with was a big secret you'd say it loud enough. This is not about your dignity.

Honey, dignity doesn't take a book deal.

Realize this...

If you hadn't made the stink, I wouldn't be blogging about it, and neither would Arianna F-ing Huffington.

PS. Your book sounds boring.


  1. Well, Arianna's her pal...One of the more pointed hypocrisies of HuffPo in my experience was Elizabeth Edwards pushing for a backstage sanitation of comments on Tony Snow after his passing last year, while the gloves stayed off on similar comments regarding Jesse Helms.

    Both less-than-exemplary public figures, but one was Edwards' pet, and the other...I guess that's how the pixels light up, n'est pas?


  2. Well, between you and Darkblack there is nothing left to say. Nice work.

  3. I used to just wish John would go away, but now I realize that I like Liz even less.


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