Friday, May 1

Welcome home.

Love that welcome mat. But here's a nicer welcome:

Thank the good lord, two blogs are back in action after a hiatus. Agitprop, of which I am "a proud team member who never ever posts over there", is back with Comandante Agi, the ever-brilliant Montag, and some others too talented to mention here.

Also too, Thorne's World is back and bringin' the artistic magic better than you remember.

Visit, blogroll, and enjoy....


  1. Hey BG! Thanks for the hollah! I like that door mat. I was just thinking how glad I am that I don't have any pigs out here at Pair - O - Dykes Ranch. I lost a lot of sleep propped up on my shotgun back when the bird flu pan[ic]demic was the latest tool of the fear mongers. I wonder how long before they'll be deputizing "emergency" federal marshals to confiscate and euthanize pet potbelly pigs like they did to so many companion parrots?

  2. you're too kind, B.G.

    i want that door mat. and pending the supreme court's decision in the Redding case, i may be wanting underpants for my kids that say "i don't consent to any searches."


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