Monday, May 18

Spot The Difference

Well, Dr. Tattelbaum says Mrs. Newt Gingrich is more of a "treasure in heaven" kinda gal.

Salon tonight.


  1. I though he was still married for the umpteenth time, and this isn't his wife. I wonder how much he's paying for her services. Is she maybe his daughter? Granddaughter? High priced hooker? Blowup doll? She looks to be all of 19. WTF?

  2. that is truly scary and the fact that he converted is even scarier, in a "does he think we are stupid" sorta way.

  3. Cindy McCain has more of the "stepford wife" look coupled with a spokesmodel that should have retired from The Price Is Right back in the early 80s.

  4. Ha ha yeah Cindy does have more of that robot/Stepford look! I love that Onion News spoof where she is reported as being some kind of space alien!


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