Friday, May 29

Michael Steele G. Gordon Liddy: Love muffin of the day

Why did Michael Steele need to put it this way?

"I'm excited that a Hispanic woman is in this position." [The GOP should not be] "slammin' and rammin'" [Sotomayor].

Seriously, what the hell is it with you guys? Have you ever talked to a girl? Do NONE of you have human mothers?

I don't like to be unkind, but then...


Yes, G. Gordon Liddy turned his tender, intellectual gaze to Sotomayor and responded with concern that her ability to be a Supreme Court Justice might be...wait for it, girls....

...compromised by pre-menstrual syndrome.

And what is it exactly that's compromising your judgment, Gordon? I mean, Dude! It's recommended, even for ex-military, that you take the plug out and re-lube every once in a while. Your entire career since Nixon adopted you as the paranoid killer son/twin-he-never-had, points to evidence of a steady dose of fecal matter leeching directly into your brain stem. And you think menstruation is an issue?

The self-destructive stupidity of the Right is losing its shock-value by the moment.


  1. Poor Gordy knows ZERO about women, or he would understand why his comment is not merely sexist but utterly irrelevant. Cripes, I'm ready to feel sorry for this car wreck party. It's like rubbernecking 24/7.

  2. I hate to quibble with your fine, fine post, BG . . .

    But that's surely already in the past.

    Many people now just tune in for the belly laughs.

    Love ya,


    The self-destructive stupidity of the Right is losing its shock-value by the moment.

  3. Great, now G. Gordon Liddy is getting his talking points from Mr. Garrison on "South Park."

  4. I agree with you for the most part, No Blood for Hubris, but, um, my mother didn't finally complete menopause until she was at least 56 years old. Not fucking kidding. That said, he's fucking nuts.

  5. Gordon Liddy made this announcement wearing a caveman outfit. His knuckles appear to be dragging on the ground.....
    Do you hear a grunting noise???

    Bloody Hell Gordon.... it's the 21st Century-- catch up!

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  7. Why do conventional media outlets give any credence whatsoever to sociopathic fire-fetishizing convicted felons like G.Gordon Liddy?

    What asshole corporate executive identified so strongly with the gun-as-undersized-penis-substitute Nazi sympathizer that he deemed it worthy and necessary to devote endless hours of broadcast time for the rambling opinions of a failed prosecutor turned second-rate second-story man?

    And what sort of compleat mouth-breather throwback listens to such drivel with their inbred lobeless ears, nodding in time to the fractured cadences of such lawless rapscallions?

    For f*ck's sake, America...

  8. Darkblack honey he's got his own syndicated radio show.

  9. BG, in many ways I'm an outsider to the American media process. I avoid radio and television utterly save for the occasional projects that I might be involved in.
    That's why I have such difficulty understanding the rehabilitation, totemization and re-entry of criminals into the public sphere of discourse...and the blithe acceptance of same by the public.

    The slide in the Media construct from an actively non-partisan watchdog safeguarding the public trust to corporate cheerleaders mouthing breezy outrages for money is truly breathtaking.

  10. Anonymous8:39 AM

    The most desperate fighting come just before surrender. These guys are lashing out because they know they are losing the fight.

    Even though the MSM gives then some air time and ink, the general public has tuned then out. They are preaching to their choir which is rapidly diminishing.

    At some point in the near future the MSM will realize that they have to change so survive, they need most the public to watch and read so some young enterprising marketing kid will come up with the brilliant idea to stop quoting these nuts, like the media did 30 years ago, and they will disappear from the radar screen.

    For all you Christians out there this is where you start to feel pity for the lost souls. For us heathens we just dance on their graves for a moment then forget they ever existed.


  11. liddy was truly crazy way back when.

    he is a scary man as well as a bigoted one.

  12. At first I thought he might have been trying to be funny, you know in that politically incorrect way they do. Then I remembered what a Neanderthal he is - and he's not the only one.

  13. they really want to lose the women's vote for the next 1000 years


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