Sunday, May 31

Fix for Twitter Accounts

Twitter had a major crash yesterday, I and a lot of, well, ALL users were affected when the entire site was down for at least 90 minutes yesterday.
They're calling it an "exploit," but taking the site down for 90 minutes says major worm hack to me.

What I did to get back in:

Go to twitter login screen, enter your email then click on the "forgot password" link.

Open the email they send you and select a new password.

Worked for me.

panties modified from levianthan's flickr photostream


  1. tthis is a no twittering apartment!

  2. I understand the same exploit is being used on facebook, although I don't know anyone who's been hit by it.

  3. Hey Blue,

    Just stopping by to say hi.

    Much love and stuff.

    PS: thanks again for the tips with blogging. I do find it hard to post everyday though, but I'm trying.


  4. Glad you got your twitter account back up and running!

  5. sob sob. i knew something was wrong in the world yesterday, just couldn't put my finger on it. thanks for this invaluable information. if i ever i start to twitter, i'll certainly give it a try.


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