Friday, May 8

A lovely lesson for all of us.

From Frank Capra's You Can't Take It With You (1938). Of course, it takes place in a bank during The Great Depression. Well worth five and a half minutes, if you ask me.

I pray we bloggers, writers, artists can do our work without waiting for our ship to come in. Like Mr. Poppins, the "ship" is in the work. I don't advocate abandoning responsibility (I'm a single, 'unemployed' struggling mother of three young kids after all) but I'm committed to my writing and not waiting for riches. And I'm so grateful for the riches that daily creativity brings and the opportunity to make a difference with my kids every single day.

I've seen a few friends lose their jobs in this recession and inevitably they tell me they hated their jobs. We all need to eat, but something's gotta give on the work score. I hope we can, with God's grace and some single-payer healthcare, redefine work so we can be useful AND satisfied at the end of our weeks. Life's too damn short, know what I mean?


  1. yeah, i truly do know.

    thank god i have my poetry(tho i have been without my muse for ever it seems)and my politics and computer and my blogging friends!

  2. I"m lucky. I don't hate my job. Now don't get me wrong, if my ship came in, I would leave, but I don't hate it and that's saying something. Sometimes I think the higher muckity-mucks at any workplace--private, academic, government--feel like we really aren't work hard enough unless we hate it. Or they enjoy creating misery.

  3. There have been days where constraints on my time render me unable to take the time I'd desire and have held me back creatively. Still, I have genuinely tried to put something of substance up every day.

    There are blogging jobs out there, but they are very commercial by in large and are tied closely to advertising revenue. Most employers merely want to know that a person is blogging literate and literate in all of the other tools that go with it.


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