Monday, May 18

Three Turn-Off Words?

"Honey, I redecorated!"

"He's a co-worker."

"By Maureen Dowd"

Twitter was on fire yesterday with the "three turn off words" meme and the whole Maureen Dowd plagiarized Josh Marshall thing.

In part this is just a really bad thing Dowd did, but also she's still being punished for writing a book called "Are Men Necessary?"

Apparently, they are.

But MoDo really got the last laugh on all of us who stop reading after her by-line, since we actually read stuff by Josh Marshall all the time.


  1. Dowd is a fucking nightmare. Here's hoping the Times fires her sorry ass.

  2. everyone who had 'modo is a very bad liar' in the pool, is a winner today. her lie weighed in at 1000 tons and there was 0.001 gram of believability in it. only those who owe her money believe it. we are like ants and her lie is Mt. McKinlie.

  3. Why should they fire her? She probably got more hits after this story got out than she usually does. If it weren't for Krugman, I would never click on to the Times site.


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